How Do You Get More Feedback from Your Guests?

Offer Rewards to Encourage Reviews

Creativity is essential in any business. If you haven't been focusing on it, now is the time to start. The hospitality industry thrives on personalization, and showing dedication to providing the best experience reflects quality and respect. Attention to small details can create an emotional connection with your guests. If your budget allows, get creative with incentives for guests who provide feedback. You don’t need to spend a lot—think of perks like a little soap, magnets, or a discount for a spa pass.
Over 60% of guests who don’t leave a review are more likely to provide feedback if offered a room upgrade or a discount on their next stay.

Guide Guests to Leave Reviews

To gather more feedback, clearly guide your guests on where and how to leave reviews. Do your research to understand their preferred communication channels. While there are many ways to share surveys, email remains a strong option, a lot of guests still prefer to receive surveys this way. Consider adapting the survey methods according to the generation of your guests. Millennials often prefer email as a communication method, while younger generations like Gen Z prefer QR codes. Understanding these preferences can significantly increase survey response rates and ensure you receive the most valuable feedback.

Show the Value of Their Feedback

Demonstrating that you value guest opinions is crucial. Whether through personal interaction or technology, make it clear that their feedback is important to you. Guests are more likely to leave reviews if they see that the hotel takes each review seriously, not just by reading them but by responding as well.


To increase guest feedback, use advertising, offer awards, leverage the latest technologies, and encourage guests to share their thoughts. Keeping communication open throughout their stay shows guests that their feedback matters and that they can always reach out. Listening to your guests' needs is one of the smartest moves for your business.

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