How to get people to take your survey?

To avoid your survey becoming a ghost town, here are some sneaky tricks to persuade people to actually take the survey.

1. Not just Data

Completing a survey takes time, so if your customers are not sure what the purpose is, they are unlikely to do it. Tell them why the survey exists!
Make them feel like contributors, not just data providers. Explain to them - it's not just data, they are helping you improve customer experience.

2. Short and sweet

No one likes a long survey — keep it short and sweet. If your survey is a novel, they might just close the book.
According to the pros, aim for less than 5 minutes. A brief, impactful survey ensures higher completion rates.
Keep in mind - nobody signed up for a 10-page survey with more than 10 questions on each page. Most customers are willing to provide feedback, but it's essential to keep the number of questions reasonable.

3. Talk Their Language

Don't be the Shakespeare of surveys. Use words that everyone gets.
Complicated language is like a Rubik's Cube; people might just give up. Complex language frustrates respondents, leading to leaving you with no answer at all.
Keep it simple, so they don't get lost in translation.

4. Closed-Ended Questions

Make it easy on them. Closed-ended questions are like picking A, B, or C instead of writing an essay.
Less effort, more responses. It's like a quiz but without the stress.
Instead of asking, "What part of the food and beverage offer did you like best?", ask: "Did you like the food and beverage offer?" and offer "Yes" and "No" options.
Or: "How satisfied are you with our food and beverage offer?"
a) Satisfied b) Neutral c) Dissatisfied

5. The Guest List Matters

Choose your participants like you're planning a party. Know your audience—whether they're Millennials or Gen Z. The right crowd means better results.
We understand that nowadays holding the attention of survey respondents for more than a few seconds can be really challenging.
So start with funny welcome message and the interesting initial question.
Also, not everyone likes email (specially Gen Z or Generation Alpha). Utilizing another format sent directly to a phone could potentially make a big difference.

6. Timing is everything

Send your survey when memories are fresh. Within 24 hours is the golden rule. Choose the right days and hours. If you want to stay ahead, send surveys during the stay. That way, you still have a chance to turn negative experiences into positive reviews!

7. Gift the Survey Experience

Elevate your marketing game by turning your survey into a gift-giving extravaganza!
Who doesn't love a little surprise?
Offer small tokens of appreciation like a mini soap, a lavender bag, a magnet, or a branded pen. It's not just about feedback; it's about creating a memorable experience for your participants. Make them feel special, and watch those responses pour in like never before!

Now go, survey superhero, and make those responses fly in! 🚀

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