Turn negative experiences into Positive Reviews!

Constantly collecting guest feedback and working to improve services leads to a great guest experience and better reviews.

Why choose
Hospitality Insights?


Deliver a Five-Star Guest Experience

Deliver a five-star guest experience and boost loyalty.

The smart post-stay survey combined with during-the-stay communication will enhance guests' feeling of appreciation and motivate them to visit you again.


Improve Brand Awareness

Businesses can use analytic tools to identify areas for improvement in their operations and services, and highlight positive guest feedback.

Incorporate guest feedback insights into marketing strategies to attract new guests and improve brand awareness.


Real-time Insight

Capture real-time insight into your performance with an easy-to-use guest survey.

Learn what your guests think about you during their stay and resolve potential incidents immediately, and receive alarms when unhappy guests are detected.


Smart Analytics

Engage with your guests and measure their satisfaction with Net Promoter Score NPS and Customer Satisfaction Score CSAT. Measurement tools can help you collect valuable customer feedback, so you can make the changes and improvements.

How does it work?

Capture guest feedback at the point of experience on Touch terminals or printable QR cards; or send guest satisfaction surveys via E-mail.

Create Surveys
Gather Guest Feedback

Monthly subscription

In stay survey

KPI & Dashboards (NPS;CSAT;...)

Post stay

Online & Offline mode

Capture feedback via Email

5h consulting free of charge

Capture feedback via touchscreen (kiosk, tablet...)

Customized guest feedback questions

Capture feedback via QR

Customer support

Add ons

PMS integration

Custom dashboards

Feedback translation

Sentiment Analysis

Smart Alerts & Notifications

Smart Analytics

Key advantages

Easy to Use

Create & Send Flexible Surveys

All-in-one Tool

Collect, Process and Report

Notifications & Alerts

Be informed anytime and anywhere

Smart Analytics

Sentiment Analysis, Automatic Translations

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